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Montealva Goat Cheese

Montealva Goat Cheese

$ 18.00

Pedro and Isabel Álvarez Aguilar’s family has been making cheese for over 50 years. Their mother and grandfather used to make cheese in a farmhouse; today the facility is more modern but still uses artisanal methods. Their uncle has 450 Payoya goats, a heritage breed native to the area. This species nearly died out until a collective of farmers in the area came together in 1997 to preserve it. They are hardy animals ideally suited to the mountainous habitat and feed on the pastures with limestone-rich soil. It takes 9-10 liters of milk to make Montealva. We stock the Joven (young), which is aged 60 days. The flavor starts mild but while the paste turns creamy it releases a zesty bite of acidity that lingers through the finish.

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