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Marinated Arrachera Angus Beef with Black Beans

Marinated Arrachera Angus Beef with Black Beans

$ 18.00

Folks in Mexico love beef... and Arrachera is the country's most beloved steak meal and often shared with family & friends. This is a great way to enjoy Greenane’s grass-fed, dry-aged, all natural Angus beef. Our special combination of herbs, peppers, and beer produces a uniquely, flavorful, savory marinade that makes this flank steak a tender, easy, luscious option for midweek meals and grilling greatness. Just grill, sear, slice and savor the flavor. Slice across the grain and eat as-is or on a fresh tortilla as a steak fajita taco!!

Comes with: Black Bean Salad--black beans, onion, cabbage, cilantro, olive oil, & sea salt.

 Approximately 10 ounces of ready to cook Marinated Angus Beef.


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