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Ground Veal

Ground Veal

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Comes in one pound packages.
Jersey Girl Dairy veal is called Jersey Boyz.  It is the story of small dairy operations, economics and thoughtful farming. Their male Jersey calves are raised for 4 months  (to about 400lbs) on mother's milk in a free range environment.  They are kept in an open barn without restraints, free to roam in and out of the barn at will.  The sale of these veal calves is an important part of the economics of a small dairy farm like ours. 

The meat from these uniquely raised animals is considered 'rose' veal versus the 'blonde' veal many are used to seeing and tasting.  The taste is clean and light, probably unlike any veal you have ever tasted.
 Their veal has been featured at The James Beard House in NYC - as the centerpiece of a dinner themed
 "The Vermont Veal Renaissance".  Jersey Boyz veal is currently  served at some of the top restaurants in Vermont.
Not sure what to do with ground veal? Check out our recipe!

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