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Turkey, Pasture Raised and Heritage

Turkey, Pasture Raised and Heritage

$ 136.00

Greenane Farms’ Pasture Raised Heritage Turkeys

At Greenane Farms we raise a very limited number of turkeys each year.  These unique turkeys are a cross of 2 heritage breed turkeys the Broad Breasted Bronze and the Narragansett and are raised on the lush pastures of our family farm in the Catskill Mountains.  At no time do our turkeys receive antibiotics or growth hormones of any kind and they only eat non-GMO whole grains and what’s naturally available to them on our pastures.  Our birds are processed and packaged on the farm then flash frozen to preserve their natural freshness.  They are never injected with liquids or additives of any kind. The price is $8.50 per pound. 

They range in size from:12-16 lbs and 20-25 lbs. They range in price from $102-$212.50. We've calculated the price for the largest turkeys and will refund you once we know the exact weight. 

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