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Eat Food CSA

Eat Food CSA is a company dedicated to supporting local, sustainably raised food.
We are keeping the small farmer thriving while providing delicious food to restaurants, communities, institutions and individuals who want to know where their food comes from.
Chad Morris, the founder of Eat Food CSA,  started foraging his own food 15 years ago when he moved to East Hampton, New York, and joined Quail Hill Farm. After relocating to Manhattan in July 2012, he was determined to work in a business that promotes good food, strong community and a healthy environment. And thus EAT FOOD CSA was born, an arm to EAT FOOD, his wife’s food and nutrition consultancy, which began and runs with a similar mission.
We are making home deliveries during COVID 19. Order online or text Liz 646-339-4760 for more info. Chad is also at PS 183, on 67th between 1st and York on Saturdays from 8 am -3 pm and on Sunday at 32nd and 2nd Ave. from 10 am -3 pm.