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How do I start to order?
If you are interested in ordering email
Some of the prices of meat seem high, why?
Make sure to check the price per pound. We don't get exact cuts of meat  so we have the amount for the largest piece you would receive. If receive something smaller, then we give you a refund. The site does not allow us to ask for more money once you've paid. 
Is there a minimum amount I have to order per order?
Do I have to pick it up or does it get delivered?
It is free to pick up your order. If you are choosing to get it delivered it is $15 in Manhattan. If you are part of an office delivery, it is also free. 
Is there a way to get around the delivery charge?
Yes! You can become a "building captain" meaning you get 4 of your neighbors to join the CSA and submit an order. We will then deliver to your building for free. This will not only allow you to bypass the delivery charge but it also has  incentives. Please email to get more information. 
Do you ever have promotions or sales?
Not really, because we want to make sure we pay the farmers appropriately. However, you can receive a 15% off your next order if you get a friend to sign up and place a minimum order of $40.
How do I pay you?
You can use any major credit card or paypal. Add the products to your cart, proceed to check out and enter in your information to our secure database. It's that easy. 
What if I forget something or I want to modify my order?
If you have forgotten something or wish to modify your order you can do so up till (the moment they can’t order). If you are picking up and we have something in stock you would like, you are more then welcome to purchase on premise!
How does the bag system work?
Every time you order, you will receive an Eat Food CSA bag with all of your purchased items in it. At the same time you will give us the bag from the previous delivery. This allows for a constant rotation being mindful of the earth and everyone’s wallets.