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Meili Farms

At Meili Farm, a family-owned farm since 1966, Craig and Sophie Meili (alongside their two young children) raise Berkshire-Tamworth hogs and Belted Galloway beef cows on pasture using only humane practices. As an Animal Welfare Approved farm, you can rest assured knowing that all of the animals born and raised at Meili Farm are cared for with great respect for their natural instincts and needs. In addition to full-time access to pasture, the hogs are fed a farm-milled feed of non-GMO corn (grown at Meili Farm), local soy, organic minerals and kelp. They also receive whey and vegetables daily. The cows are grass-fed and grass-finished. Maintaining closed herds as well as keeping the animals stress-free and outdoors where they belong makes for wonderfully healthy and active hogs and cows, which in turn results in exceptionally high quality pork and beef. Meili Farm does not use growth hormones, immunizations, or prophylactic antibiotics.