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Interview with Jim, Kathy, and Ashley Lyons from Blue Moon Acres

Blue Moon Acres Interview

The Lyons' have been farming sustainably since 1992. One of their most impressive chef clients included Daniel Restaurant in New York City. If its good enough for a three-michelin star chef then its definitely what I want in my refrigerator! Continue reading to find out how their families 7-acre yard turned into a 63-acre farm producing micro-greens to rice. 
How did you get started in farming?

Blue Moon Acres started with Jim and Kathy Lyons’ passion for high-quality, locally produced food. With backgrounds in natural foods-wholesaling and farming, Jim and Kathy wanted to pursue a healthier, more sustainable form of agriculture and share it with the community!

 When did you buy Blue Moon Acres?

Blue Moon has two farm locations. The original farm, in Buckingham, PA, is in the Lyons’ 7-acre backyard! Blue Moon started here in 1992 as a CSA. In 2007, Blue Moon expanded to our 63-acre farm in Pennington, NJ.

What did you do before you were farmers?

Jim was involved in the wholesale natural foods industry and Kathy was a home economics teacher and florist.

What are some of the greatest challenges of farming?

Making it truly sustainable and staying in our hearts.

What do you like best?

A customer expressing their appreciation for what we do.

What is a good early story about when you started farming?

When Jim announced his intention to become a farmer, his father responded with: "Go get a real job!" A year later he was calling to see if we could get him a reservation at Restaurant Daniel, a premier restaurant in New York City (and our customer).

 How many and what types of produce do you have on your farm?

And do you plan to expand? Our 7-acre Buckingham farm is home to most of our 55 varieties of greenhouse-grown microgreens and mezza (petite greens), grown year round. In the spring, we also grow full-size herbs and edible flowers. On our Pennington farm, we grow certified-organic baby heads of lettuce, salad greens, produce such as corn, radishes, turnips, tomatoes, peppers, and potatoes, and our newest product, rice!

 Any new projects on the horizon?

More rice! The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive!

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